In two days I will drive my trusty Honda to Worcester Massachusetts for an intensive week at UMass Medical School. It is the last step on a path I initially saw as impossibly difficult, to become a Qualified Teacher of Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR). There will be more to come as I want to continue to be Certified– a more advanced credential– but as a qualified teacher I will be empowered to lead the full eight-week MBSR program. And as much as I cherish working with individual clients here at the Center, MBSR is our focus. With a history as a bonafide member of corporate America with a business degree, I will be expanding Ease and Lightness Mindfulness’ reach into workplace mindfulness; as a cancer survivor I will be offering programs in healthcare settings.

Participants in the intensive are introducing themselves internal messaging platform. One, presumably one of the younger participants, wrote he was ‘stoked’. I am excited also. A whole grab bag of emotional reactions ensue in anticipation, actually.

A reverie readily comes forth. The possibilities for our Mindfulness Center here in New Jersey. All of the people we will be able to impact. My personal growth during the workshop and beyond. The achievement of something wanted: painstakingly worked toward and earned. A mental movie.

‘It’s gonna be great when…’

That’s what we call NOT being present.


Well, never a shortage of reminders and reasons to practice. To remember to come back. To this moment. This breath. What is here now? But at the same time being mindful does not mean we cannot aspire to greatness. To achieve.

And so, I hit the road. Unattached to outcome. Maintaining an alert engaged awareness without tipping into striving.

And as they say in another program which I value: ‘It’s simple. But not easy.’