Is MBSR a well-established protocol?
Yes. It is the most recognized and researched mindfulness course in the world: the gold standard course for learning mindfulness and how to apply it to daily life.

Is meditation in MBSR a religious or spiritual practice?
No. In Prancing Peacock MBSR meditation is taught as a skill—a mind-body training.  Medicine now recognizes meditation as a treatment, and we offer it in that way. It may, however, complement your religious practice.

I’m not in very good shape and have some physical limitations. How strenuous is the yoga?
The two yoga series were specifically designed for people with a wide range of abilities. It can be practiced gently and slowly and can be done by people in wheelchairs and with other limitations, or more vigorously by others. Students often find their flexibility and strength improve quite quickly with regular practice.

I have been to a lot of doctors and taken many medications, and I am still in pain and can’t sleep. How can this program help me?
The relaxation exercises and yoga can provide physical relief by releasing tension and improving circulation.  However, the main benefit comes through changing the way you perceive and react to pain.

Often thoughts about pain, triggered by fear, are negative and make us feel worse.  The awareness practices in Prancing Peacock MBSR enhance our capacity to discern thoughts, emotions, and physical sensations. This can dramatically change the level of suffering.

Where is the course being held?
The Prancing Peacock is a longtime Bucks County center of holistic healing and yoga studio and is situated on peaceful and striking land which was previously a Quaker farmstead. MBSR students have quipped that they became settled and clear by simply turning into the drive and opening to the environment on their way to class!