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Prancing Peacock MBSR Student Evaluations

I can’t say enough about what this program and Brandon have done for me. I was was close to a breakdown when we started and at the end emerged as a different person. I am managing anxiety a lot better and somewhere along the way I started liking and believing in myself again.

Great instructor, great facility, great experience. Walked away with tools which will last a lifetime, well worth the time and effort.

Teaching was excellent, patient, honest.

One of the things I found most beneficial was the lack of judgment modeled by the instructor. The teacher was very gentle, knowledgeable, and effective.

Learning to be present and more accepting of my feelings. Nothing but positive comments. Brandon was great. I was nervous at the beginning of the course, but I feel very comfortable with the format now.

Brandon is a skilled instructor with an excellent ability to lead group sessions in a potentially emotionally charged atmosphere. His energy was calming and grounding.

Thorough guidance at all points. Well executed classes.

I found most beneficial: quiet, release from day to day, basic principles of practice for carrying on, open atmosphere. All materials and props provided.

Enjoyed the safe space created; the discussions; the binder & handouts; the beginner’s mind. All of it.

Our teacher is a great role-model and presents as genuine, knowledgeable, and open. He embodies the essence of mindfulness.

Time out just for me and my practice. Learned so much.

[Prancing Peacock MBSR] came at the perfect time in my life. It has relieved stress, made me calmer and more able to deal with unpleasant situations.

Great, kind, peaceful instructor

Setting aside time to focus on myself. Awareness of options/choices for responses to the usual and unusual occurrences in life.

Setting aside time for daily meditation. Bringing mindfulness into other areas of my life. Wish there were more one or two-day silent meditation retreats.

The course met my expectations. I am now able to meditate. I can also recognize and release stress.

Being able to take what I’ve learned and create a schedule for meditation that works best for me. Brandon has been patient and helpful and like any great teacher, he encourages you to think about your questions so you can develop your own answer because we’re all different and unique.

Brandon sets a great example of mindfulness. Thank you so much!

The teacher was very helpful at coaxing/coaching us to learn the MBSR practice. He had a calming presence which was helpful.

Learning different ways to practice mindfulness. Really enjoyed the retreat. Teacher is very focused. Kept the course moving on track.

Wonderful experience: felt like a safe space to grow and explore / practice.

Brandon is an excellent teacher. He CARES about both the practice and his students.

I liked the guided discussions and the gentle support from our teacher. The guidance for home practice was most beneficial… It will remain with me as a tool.

It helped me be more mindful and experience life more like when I was a child. Which is great. Also, no more anxiety. And finally able to do things for myself without feeling guilty that I am not caring enough for others.

Very helpful to have an experienced teacher and material to use as a guide and resource. Love the all day session. Would love even two.

[Prancing Peacock MBSR] provided me with a better understanding of meditation and ways I can work on getting out of my head.  And that it’s ok to pause— the importance of pause.

[Can you] make it longer?  I’m sad it’s coming to a close.

Physical pain [was one of the challenging aspects for me during the course].  But the practice allowed me to experience less.

Teacher maintained his cool, calm, meditative stance throughout and stuck to workbook / format of MBSR.  Very knowledgeable and helpful in developing new practitioners.

The realization that there is power in my own stillness.  That taking a pause is actually very productive.

Brandon is a model of mindfulness!  He is open and engaging but also open to each of our own discoveries in the course.

Inclusive, respectful, knowledgeable.

Brandon was very kind and an awesome teacher.

Brandon did a wonderful job creating a safe space to share, and I learned a lot from the other participants.