7 Day Retreat Omega Institute

In a couple of days I will drive to Rhinebeck NY, where I will settle in for a silent retreat led by Mindfulness luminaries Saki Santorelli, Bob Stahl and Florence Meleo-Meyer at Omega Institute for Holistic Studies.  In addition to the occasion, Omega is a significant and radiant location in my life for many reasons.

I reflect gratefully over my Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction Teacher training.  In the Spring I had the pleasure of participating in the 8 week program at Montgomery New Jersey’s Princeton Center for Yoga and Health.  I watched the subtle and surgical work of Robin Boudette and Deborah Metzger.  Robin is a Certified MBSR Teacher who is an expert in Mindful Eating.

In August during a challenging yet loving program taught by Margaret Fletcher, another Certified MBSR Teacher and Lynn Korbel– Director of MBSR Teacher Education and Curriculum Development at UMass Medical School Center for Mindfulness.  Participants came to Ramapo College in Northern NJ from China, Japan, France, Spain, Argentina, Dominican Republic, Mexico, Colorado, Utah, Texas.  We all continue to stay in contact.  Very regular contact.  A unique community.  That Fundamentals program was wrenching, shattering, and nothing if not full of heart.  Life changing for me.

Grateful indeed.

Two of the attitudinal foundations of mindfulness are patience and non-striving.  It’s all I can do to not look ahead to the programs we will be rolling out upon my return!  Instead I will take a long, slow, deep breath, and settle into this delicious moment.