Are you an MBSR graduate?

Already have a daily practice?

Or perhaps you have not meditated for a while but think some support / inspiration / connection with other meditators would provide the change to jump-start your practice.

Join us!

The Prancing Peacock Community Meditation group meets Monday evenings when an MBSR course is not in session.  7PM 11/20 to 12/18 2023.  Check back for group meditations in 2024.

Sessions are led by Brandon in front of the cozy fireplace in the Prancing Peacock Yardley Studio.  More info

Or give us a call or text 609.903.3363


The Prancing Peacock Group Meditation is a sitting meditation consistent with tradition thousands of years old.  Sangha is said to be an expression of awakened mind.

This sit does not include instruction on how to meditate, and is not appropriate for beginners.  If you want to learn how to meditate please consider our next Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction sequence.