Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) at The Prancing Peacock

Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) returns to The Prancing Peacock September 2022.  MBSR is a deep dive into this adventure we call life.  It’s an investment in you.  And there is just no better place to do it than the serenity of The Prancing Peacock’s Yardley campus.  As the days become crisper we’ll meet in front of the fire.  Explore the pond, farm, woods and meadows during the all-day retreat session.

What is MBSR?

Prancing Peacock Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) is an eight-week program.  You learn experientially about stress and how to develop a different relationship with it– a relationship that can change your perception of stress through the practice of awareness.

The classes include periods of guided sitting meditation and mindful yoga, as well as sharing about practice.  In addition to a demanding class schedule, participants are expected to practice at home.  You will receive an extensive Student Guide with week by week readings and workbook as well as recorded Prancing Peacock MBSR Audio Guidance for home practice.


We offer two opportunities to attend an orientation.  In the orientation you can sample the practices and the format.  See if MBSR is right for you.  The first Orientation is virtual 9/12 from 7 to 8:30PM.  We will also hold an in-person session 9/19 at 7PM.



12     Orientation Virtual

19     Orientation In-Person

26     Week 1


3      Week 2

10    Week 3

17    Week 4

24    Week 5

31    Week 6


5     All-Day

7     Week 7

14   Week 8

Class sessions are held at the Prancing Peacock, 524 Stony Hill Road, Yardley PA  (267) 679-0791.  From 7 to 9:30PM Monday evenings.

Orientation sessions are 7 to 8:30PM

The all day retreat is 11AM to 6:30PM    


Classes are spacious (16 students max, plus teacher) with lots of ventilation.  The studio has several medical grade air purifier running at all times.

Who is Teaching?

Brandon Lewin is a CFM Qualified MBSR Teacher.  Read more about Brandon

Reserve Your Space

Prancing Peacock MBSR is In-Person, so space is limited.  The registration button will connect you with The Prancing Peacock website.  Select Events.

History of MBSR

Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction, or MBSR, was created by Jon Kabat-Zinn about 40 years ago at the University of Massachusetts Medical School. Jon is a molecular biologist, renowned author, and mindfulness teacher. Over the past four decades he pioneered the rigorous training and scientific study of meditation and yoga as practices to harness our inner resources for meeting life’s challenges.

MBSR is the most researched mindfulness program available.

Why should I take MBSR?

Participants have taken MBSR for a wide variety of physical and emotional concerns ranging from asthma and cancer to anxiety and sleep disturbances.  Outcomes often experienced include:
  • Decreased medical symptoms
  • Improved self-care
  • Greater ability to manage anxiety and depression
  • Loosening of the grip of negative habits and thinking
  • Clearer recognition of when your attitude or mood is beginning to change so you can become less reactive.
  • Discovery that difficult and unwanted thoughts and feelings can be seen from an altogether different perspective.  This shift brings with it a sense of compassion and less judgement to the suffering you are experiencing.
  • Improved sense of well-being:  Learn how to be present and appreciate the simple pleasures of everyday life, connect with yourself, and the experience of being alive.

What was our last course at The Prancing Peacock like?

Brandon is a skilled instructor with an excellent ability to lead group sessions in a potentially emotionally-charged atmosphere.  His energy was calming and grounding.

Prancing Peacock MBSR

Brandon is an excellent teacher.  He CARES about both the practice and his students.

Prancing Peacock MBSR

I liked the guided discussions and the gentle support from our teacher.  The guidance for home practice was most beneficial... It will remain with me as a tool.

Prancing Peacock MBSR

It helped me be more mindful and experience life more like when I was a child.  Which is great.  Also, no more anxiety.  And finally able to do things for myself without feeling guilty that I am not caring enough for others.

Prancing Peacock MBSR

Very helpful to have an experienced teacher and material to use as a guide and resource.  Love the all day session.  Would love even two.

Prancing Peacock MBSR

Learning to be present and more accepting of my feelings.  Nothing but positive comments.  Brandon was great.  I was nervous at the beginning of the course but I feel very comfortable with the format now.

Prancing Peacock MBSR

Learning different ways to practice mindfulness.  Really enjoyed the retreat.  Teacher is very focused.  Kept the course moving on track.

Prancing Peacock MBSR

Wonderful experience; felt like a safe space to grow and explore / practice.

Prancing Peacock MBSR

Being able to take what I've learned and create a schedule for meditation that works best for me.  Brandon has been patient and helpful and like any great teacher, he encourages you to think about your questions so you can develop your own answer because we're all different and unique.

Prancing Peacock MBSR

One of the things I found most beneficial was the lack of judgment modeled by the instructor.  The teacher was very gentle, knowledgeable, and effective.

Prancing Peacock MBSR

The MBSR program requires commitment, but pays off beyond expectations, and one could not ask for a better guide along this path than Brandon. Brandon's warmth, compassion, and skill as a group instructor keep meetings productive and well-paced without sacrificing the opportunity for each participant to enjoy a meaningful, personal experience. Brandon's best teaching tool is his own way of being--open to the present experience of life from moment to moment, accepting of himself, others, and whatever life brings to him.

Prancing Peacock MBSR

Brandon is a wonderful teacher of mindfulness. I took a class with him at the Prancing Peacock, and the location was just perfect. I highly recommend his group if you're looking to explore mindfulness and meditation!

Prancing Peacock MBSR