The Center

Welcome to the Ease and Lightness Mindfulness Center


Preparing for your Visit

Dress for the Center is casual and comfortable.   One of the advantages of our cozy space is flexibility over temperature.  If you are participating in a group program, though, you may want to dress in layers.  We have a supply of blankets available—along with plenty of meditation cushions and yoga mats (there is no need to bring your own props).  Comfortable, loose-fitting clothing will support your practice.


Physical Requirements

Sometimes we have an image of mindfulness as being practiced by an emaciated yogi in full lotus position which appears painful.  At Ease and Lightness sessions you are invited to use cushions, but this is an option only, and in no way superior to any other option.  Our practice is usually done in a sitting posture, but you are always welcome to settle into one of our straight back chairs.  Also, you may stand or lie down on a mat if you prefer.

The Center is located on the second floor which may be accessed by stairs only.  If stairs are not in your mobility spectrum, we can schedule sessions at other locations including your home.



We have ample secure parking.


Our Humble Center

As you may have noticed, Ease and Lightness Mindfulness Center is currently situated in a residential building.  It is comprised of open studio space only.  There is no accompanying living space or furniture—except that required for practice.



Ease and Lightness Mindfulness is recognized by Google Maps, and is recommended for getting you here.  However, the location shown is slightly off, so refer to the map here to guide you to parking and our front door.


Thank you

We are honored that you have selected us, and very much look forward to meeting and working with you personally.