Customized Sessions

Strengthen your mindfulness muscle with our CFM* Qualified teachers.

Being present in your own life is hard work; it takes practice.  It’s not unlike working out your physical muscles: one hardly expects results from showing up at the gym one afternoon.  Or even sporadic or half-hearted sessions.

While there is no substitute for your own experience on the cushion, guidance provides crucial touchstones while navigating the foreboding and frustrating landscape of your mind.  We meditate together, talk about how your practice is going, and provide gentle and compassionate direction.  We often hear that it’s easier to harness attention when sitting in the Center.  This is encouraging and supports the ongoing practice at home.

Importantly we also show you ways to cultivate mindful ways to hold your everyday experiences– whether mundane or dramatic, joyful or crushing.  Mindfulness is not about becoming a great meditator; it’s about your relationships with everyone and everything, starting with yourself.

*Center for Mindfulness in Medicine, Health Care, and Society™ at UMass Medical School.