Mindfulness in the Workplace

Ease and Lightness Mindfulness provides customized programs according to the needs of the client. They range from series of workshops to structured eight-week programs based on the UMass model.

Google, Target, and General Mills are among the well known corporate names investing in broad mindfulness programs on their campuses.  Aenta and Intel are following suit. Medical Journals report exponentially more scientific research each year supporting the results of these programs.

Aware of management retention and performance, they are recognizing that mindfulness is not merely a relaxation technique. It is a more profound basic shift: a way of life that gives participants the ability to attend to stress and strong emotions in a skillful, healthy manner. And not only that, these changes are reflected and facilitated by physical modification of the brains of practitioners.

Contemplative training that is a workout for emotional intelligence which enables participants to relate more genuinely and directly with themselves and others. This enhances their career– their ability to excel in competitive fields.

Coming from the corporate world, Ease and Lightness’ Brandon Lewin is uniquely positioned to relate to, and communicate effectively with, your employees. He is a Finance MBA from the University Of Miami Graduate School Of Business. He was so adept at financial and economic quantitative presentation, he was selected as the primary analyst for the Asset Liability Committee (ALCO) when Merrill Lynch Banks was formed in the 1990s. The ALCO includes top managers and is responsible for making the bank’s interest rate bets. Brandon was Director of Brokerage Services for real estate investment firm United Trust Fund, and then went on to form The Princeton Foundation. He was at American Re as it became part of reinsurance giant Munich Re. Most recently he has been Technology Administrator at Coldwell Banker.

Little did I know my MBA would end up standing for:
M indfulness
B egins with
A wareness / Acceptance / Attention / Alignment with the present moment.

-Brandon Lewin