Heal Thy Self

As a cancer survivor, Brandon teaches from experience how a mindfulness practice can alleviate the intense stress of disease and actions prescribed by the healthcare community. It also serves to underscore the patient’s role in working in tandem with professionals.

Originally diagnosed with Lymphoma in 2004, the malignant cells in Brandon’s body changed to a more aggressive type in 2007. Chemotherapy provided the impetus to seek alternative ways to approach the Lymphoma experience and the desperation and helplessness associated with it. Brandon became exposed to some meditation methods and engaged wholeheartedly after dabbling for years. He began meditating with increasing frequency, duration, and consistency.

Brandon also confronted his substance abusive history. A 12-step program was vital to his personal growth. He applied himself rigorously to the program, but it was the 11th step, which includes meditation, that became the lynchpin in his recovery.