How It Works

Our mindfulness sessions are now 100 percent Virtual.

The constant stream of information about incomprehensible danger. We can feel the charged emotions in our bodies.

Taking the time out to take care of ourselves is critical. When we befriend stillness and rest in awareness we become increasingly capable of being with our experience with kindness, having a choice of how to respond to our moment to moment situation, instead of reacting. Living in this way is brand new, and making the adjustment is difficult: our minds want to continue in their well-worn grooves.

And that’s where our experienced, grounded hand is so useful. We show you how to practice, and how to integrate the practice into your everyday life.

We can’t control what is happening in the world. But we certainly can control what we do about it. Or what we don’t do about the stimulus.


Mindfulness is the awareness that arises from paying attention in the present moment, non-judgmentally.

That sounds simple.  But because the conditioning of our minds has been in place for our entire lifetimes, and because we are so attached to our thinking, this is challenging work which requires a commitment to the process.

Sessions are one hour, and the cost is only $30 per session. Scholarships are readily available for those impacted financially by the pandemic.


Mindfulness is not simply a relaxation technique or a self-help approach; it is a gateway into the full dimensionality of being human. Rather than seeking to change or limit thinking or emotions, this non-judgmental awareness enables you to respond with greater clarity, stability and understanding to life’s stressors, rather than maladaptive, or unhealthy coping.

This is not checking out, or spacing out, and ignoring reality. It is the opposite of that. Meditation practice is nothing if not being awake and alert to our life situations. We develop the ability to discern between events, and stories we tell ourselves about the events, and our emotions those stories evoke. We transition from being a slave to our thinking to using thinking– those thoughts that are healthy and inspired– as tools.


We have learned that a regimen of physical exercise accrues significant health and wellness benefits.

  • Exercising our minds is the new working out.
  • Heading out for a run or going to the gym is effective as part of a gradual, consistent program.
  • Our virtual sessions set your consistent mindfulness exercise program in motion! Perhaps the most important aspect of the sessions is your homework. We make sure you are clear about how you can create a routine of your own. Even if that seems impossible.
  • Impossible because your mind is so busy. And impossible because there is no time to just take time out to do nothing! Though that is shifting in our stay-at-home lives.

We train you to remember to observe moment-to-moment experience thereby strengthening the mind’s ability to stay focused on what is happening right now and to be open to experience.

We guide you in a manner appropriate for your level. Absolutely no experience is required, and it is actually the norm for individuals beginning sessions.

Folks have a vastly improved sense of what the program entails after session number one, so you may want to schedule it and start experimenting and playing! Or you are welcome to a complimentary phone consultation.


In the comfort of your living room.

It’s important to schedule your session for a time when you will not be interrupted. Wear loose-fitting, comfortable clothing that does not restrict your breathing. No special equipment or technical knowledge is required. You do need to be connected to the internet. If your computer is pretty old, we may need to use telephone for the audio portion of our conversation.