I’m Not The Kind Of Person Who Meditates.

I don’t go for any of that woo-woo, airy-fairy stuff. I just don’t believe it.

There is absolutely nothing to believe or not believe.

Meditation practice is not about whether you believe it or not. It’s about whether you are able to direct your attention to something other than abstractions of never-ending mental commentary.

Meditation is something we do—or more accurately it is a shift to not doing anything at all.

The mind predictably responds sarcastically, ‘Oh. That sounds like fun: doing nothing. I can’t wait!’.  This is the same mind that is driven.  Striving.   To acquire the next thing.

And when we have it (the job/ the relationship/ the wealth/ the fame etc) we will be ok.

We will be at peace.

We will feel good.

When we meditate and literally take a deep breath and step back, we wake up from the hypnosis of the mind and see that our peace is not when we get what we want.

It’s right now (not that there is anything wrong with wanting things or getting them).

Now is all there is. Not as some new age idea. As the reality of being form on this planet.  The rest is mind stuff.  Past and present are mental constructs.  We sense the truth of this.  And meditation allows us to know it.  To shift from our stories to authenticity.

The Wright brothers did not believe they could fly; they demonstrated it.

Einstein didn’t believe in the Theory of Relativity; he—and others—proved it.

More science supports not just the effects of meditation, but the granular reality

it points to, every day.

Prove mindfulness for yourself. Try it.