I Am An Achiever; I Have Better Things To Do.

Not only have I been successful, I continue to set ambitious goals.

Becoming passive and ‘gazing at my navel’ has no appeal to me.

We think you should have whatever you want. We think there is nothing wrong with ambition.

There are indeed monks who renounce modern life and material things. They literally live in hermitages in the Himalayas and meditate all day.  This is the opposite of our practice.

The real meditation is everyday life. Being peaceful and directed and present on a quiet beach is easy.  Having that state of mind in a chaotic stressful boardroom is the achievement.

  • Russell Simmons is one successful entrepreneur extolling mindfulness.
  • Steve Jobs was another.
  • General Mills has put thousands of their management team through their mindfulness program.
  • Google holds mindfulness as a core part of its business philosophy.

Meditation is not about dropping out. It’s about diving in. With an open heart and mind.

Not about plowing ahead. But being aligned with the present moment.  Taking clear, incisive, original, inspired action when and if it is required.

And then of course, there is great utility in posing the question ‘Am I happy?’, not only ‘Do I have what I want?’  Does your ‘normal’ leave you smiling for no reason?  Do you have a feeling of gratitude emanating naturally?  Or is it a pervasive low-level discontent?