Brandon Lewin had a 12-year meditation practice when he formed Ease and Lightness Mindfulness in 2014. Self taught, and confident in his affinity to connect with students, the extended silent meditation retreats and rigorous training to teach MBSR opened his eyes to the depth of the wisdom traditions from which current day practice originates, as well as the compassion and integrity of so many active teachers and scientists.

Brandon’s first forays into meditation were not motivated by altruism; He tried it because he couldn’t think of anything else to relieve the hopelessness he felt receiving treatment for lymphoma. Soon after his resolve to practice became stronger as he transitioned through recovery from substance abuse.

Brandon had a fascination with his inner life and mindfulness early on. As a teen, “I remember in quiet moments wondering about the myriad currents of thoughts and emotions. The longing to be able to act in the world in a unified manner—not merely reacting—being blown about like a leaf in the wind became an familiar theme.” Later— in college— he would often recognize, and suggest to friends that “It’s all a state of mind”.

Following his awakening experience during his health challenges, he felt a pull to leave a finance career to pursue a direction of service.

Brandon is a CFM Qualified MBSR teacher. CFM stands for The Center for Mindfulness in Medicine, Healthcare, and Society at UMass Medical School.